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Thread: Unusual behavior from fox getting shot

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    Unusual behavior from fox getting shot

    Never seen this behavior from a fox taken a hartshot. Just like a deer getting a bullet into the hart!

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    Interesting. First thoughts are that (1) the bullet, whilst suitable for deer, was perhaps too solid for fox and went right through with minimal expansion, (2) that it hit the tip rather than the top of the heart and so had a less immediate effect on heart function and on the central nervous system, and (3) that the fox was alert and ready to run.

    I don't know what calibre was used, but last year a friend of mine shot a fox with a 6.5 x 55 at 40m from a high seat that ran around 60m despite having a significantly larger hole in its chest than is apparent in the fox in the video.

    Basically, I think varmint bullets kill more foxes on the spot than deer bullets.
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    Hi Mr. Gain

    The caliber is .308 WIN and I am using a Remington Core Loct PSP 180 grain.

    I have shot 21 foxes since 1. june and I have had 5 foxes that ran. Before that - over 30 years I have had one (1) fox that hasn¨t been on the spot. Your theory of the bullet not expanding might be right. This my own thought as well.

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    By the reaction from the Fox after the shot. I would say it was shot low, it was also aware something else was there so it's adrenalin would be pumping. It's dead so I wouldn't be to bothered if it ran or dropped on the spot


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    I would use a 110gr Hornady Vmax. You should find part of the fox in the paddock and the other parts in the trees.

    Good shooting by the way.

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    Had one on Saturday that did just the same, chest shot at 60 yards with a 25g bullet from a 17 Remington. The bullet did exit which is unusual for this calibre. I also got an exit on the second of the night at about 150 yards but that dropped on the spot as usually happens. I have only ever had instant kills when I have used the 308

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    I would say that bullet had not expanened enough, not enough hydrostatic shock on the internal organs. Bled out as it ran.

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    I have had a few do that,run on so far then drop.and they were heart/lung shots.

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    we had a fox that was shot that run around 60 mts the only thing that stopped it was its lower entrails getting caught in the stubble, the fox was hit low with a sst .243 at around 50 mts and it unzipped it like a use tesco bag
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    Can you tell me what shotgun cartridge combo you are using in your pigeon videos?
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