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Thread: Another scope/mount problem

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    Another scope/mount problem

    My CZ550 has had Hilver stud bases and 1" rings on for the last 10 years. I want to put a 30mm scope on it, but I'm buggered if I can find anyone who does the required base/rings. The receiver is drilled and tapped to accept the Hilver bases and doesn't have a dovetail. This seems to baffle most folk I have spoken to or emailed and I am beginning to think I have a unique CZ550!

    Anyone got any ideas where I can either get 30mm rings to fit existing Hilver stud bases or a set up to go on the drilled and tapped receiver?

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    You just had me rooting through my gun cabinet to check my .270, and it comfirmed I had the same problem you are having.
    I went from 1 inch to 30mm and couldnt work out what the bases or rings were. Turns out they were hilver after Tony at northallerton shooting supplies cast an expert eye to them.
    I would give them a call as I think they will still have some 30mm rings.
    Tel 01609 774922

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    Thanks both,

    Anderson's, Pets and Pastimes & Northallerton are all my phone list for Monday - cheers.

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