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Thread: Millett Angle-Loc 30mm Rings, LOW

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    Millett Angle-Loc 30mm Rings, LOW

    I need some windage adjustable low rings to fit a picatinny/weaver rail. I'd buy new but can't find any. Please can anyone help?

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    do you not like your scope?

    just wondering.
    They are not known as "mangle locs" for nothing

    weaver Grand slam are similar but better design and construction

    Weaver Grand Slam Solid Steel 1 inch or 30mm Scope Rings Mount Low Med X High | eBay

    or get Burris Signature zee rings with offset inserts

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    Thanks for the link which is no good because no low rings are offered; I already tried and have just tried it again. I have used angle-locs before with no problems. If they are used to offset the scope to a roughly equal degree front and back I don't see the problem. You think that Steyr rings mounted on a Steyr SSG would be correctly aligned but not so, forcing me to buy a picatinny rail and angle-locs to centre my S&B precision hunter which has a pathetic amount of windage for a 30mm tubed scope.

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