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Thread: sporting rifle

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    sporting rifle

    hi lads noticed that sporting rifle gets a fair bit of critisism on hear your reasons why please and no i have nothing to do with sporting rifle but if your waching pass me a few bucks and il say 308is the best gun out there

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    There are a lot of organisations out there that are working hard to make best practice the norm and often clearly bad practice is written about and depicted in the Mag. To be fair the majority is safe enough but there are always one or two lapses in each copy.

    For my taste there is a little too much safari stuff in it one safari escapade would be enough for me. I want to hear about what is more reasonably accessible in the UK. The articles that involve females make me laugh, clearly the editor fancies him self as a bit of a ladies man. Also the percentage of female stalkers in the Mag in no way reflects the demographic of the shooting public in the UK. If you want titivation or pictures of chicks there are more Mags that cater for that than cater for rifle shooting!!


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    thanks dave im with you on the safare stuff have no intrest in shooting eney thing that going extinct and would like more on roe deer etc as for the air gun bit i shot air guns most of my days but dont want them in a full bore gun mag dont know eney ladey stalkers wish i did

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    With you both on the safari stuff for sure!!!! no need for it not realistic for most of us at all

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    its just a gloryfied advert for most of the kit in there, and some of the articles are so flawed that stevie wonder could drive a bus through them. i buy it for a laugh, and to see what the numpties are talking about next!

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    I agree with all comments on here.

    but if we dont back it ............ it is gone

    Charlie Jacoby is a decent sort, Peter Carr is a stalking agent. Like him or loathe him he put his money where his mouth is.

    wish some on here would do the same.

    why dont you send in articles, or comments to improve?

    It has gone downhill since PC took over but without support it will go and that is not what we want. ((is it)(shoting times))

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    No it aint all bad and as for advertising well that's part and parcel of most things nowadays, it just needs to concentrate on activities and quarry that we in the uk like to pursue me thinks

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    I think the last few editions have improved. I went for a few without reading anything, ie snake shooting issue!! It seems for the last couple to have got back to foxes, Uk stalking etc.
    Product placement in the articles is painful sometimes but as already said theres nothing else. The ST's attitude to stalking is so middle class its not funny, and as for Mr Humphries, dont even get me started.

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    Don't read the sporting rifle but did look at the fieldsports channel. some of the things they show on there . Looked forward to the bit about wild boar. what a crock. The bavarian bloodhound bit with PC i thought they were taking the piss. The shooting of snipe in wales with the gun handleing and safety . Don't whatch that rubbish any more.

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    I think it's a bit hit 'n' miss (no pun intended! 8) )

    One of the low points was an article on chicken hunting - I kid you not...

    Some contributors obviously better than others, some pieces shallower than a paddling pool, but nonetheless, there aren't that many rifle-orientated mags around, so I take the rough with the smooth (no sniggering at the back.... )


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