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Thread: Grey's stalking telescope - ex-ecoman

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    Grey's stalking telescope - ex-ecoman

    Hello anyone who requires a first-rate stalking telescope. I can no longer venture into the hill so my 'scope is now redundant and needs a good home - to be used.

    I changed the manner in which the case opens and closes in order to ensure safety for carrying as there is now no buckle leather to wear and break. I have done this on request for other professional stalkers.

    There are no marks on the slides. There is one small blemish on the object lens protective layer which does not affect the efficiency or clarity of viewing. Great care has been taken of this scope and case and it will be sent in it's own original box.

    Thanks for viewing this message.

    Sorry, I forgot to put a price on it, I would like 600 for this excellent scope.

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    What sort of figure did you have in mind for it?

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