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    Ross telescope

    I have just acquired a 1904 Ross of London telescope complete in a hand made Bob Bisset of Glen Lyon case. I came across it in a shop on Loch Tayside. It was on a shelf in a corner and without going into further detail I left the shop with it minus a few pounds. However, the scope is in excellent order though when extended it is slightly loose and I am hoping someone on the site may know of someone or company that could strip it down, clean it and tighten the tubes somewhat when re assembling it? I hope to leave my Gray at home this October and take the Ross in its place.

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    I know very little about Ross optics other than to say that one rifle club that I belonged to had several spotting scopes made by this company. According to one of the older club members who was fairly knowledgeable about optics through scientific work, Ross was a well respected London company and the optics were considered to be of a much higher quality that other spotting scopes that the club had of Japanese manufacture.
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    Those old telescopes did not have coated lenses so there is nothing to stop you cleaning it yourself, you can just unscrew the lenses, however if you don't want to do it yourself somewhere like Glasgow Binocular Services will do it for you.

    There is a member of this forum who is very knowledgeable on these old spotting scopes, he may reply if he sees your post or you could PM him, his forum name is Mackenson.

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    got 2 pairs of ross of london bino,s very clear optics for very little money from evil bay.try action optics southampton website.he will quote u b4 any work is done .and he,s very good at this stuff atb

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    I collect old telescopes and have worked with them for years. Ross from the late 1800s/early 1900s are of the finest quality and well worth looking after and using. Bogtrotter is right - they are designed to be stripped and cleaned in the field, just be careful not to cross the threads when putting it back together as they are fine brass and easy to damage. I wouldn't worry about it being slightly loose but you can improve it by easing the flanges at the end of each draw and applying a little french chalk. Don't be tempted to polish the tubes and don't let any oil, WD40 etc anywhere near it. Just take your time and unscrew everything that unscrews, noting which way round it goes. You won't break anything as long as you just use your hands!

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    Many thanks everyone for your advice

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    Also do not remove the tubs from the seals, think they are referred to as "bladders"!!!

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