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Thread: Habitat destruction

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    Habitat destruction

    Over the years commuting by train its been nice to watch the annual changes in the countryside and how the roe move arround. One highlight on my daily journey is a small negelected orhard, it cannot be more than an acre with a dozen or so old apple trees. it has tall hedges and adjoins to railway bank. It has a resident population of roe and I have seen up to seven at a time, often feeding or couched down. It appeared untouched. Sadly this week the fruit trees have been felled and the area looks like its being cleared. So sad to see a little secluded ares destroyed.

    It will be of intrest to see what happens next


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    Hopefully, replanting the orchard with some interesting apple varieties. Most likely though, 10-15 'Executive Homes' with a couple of token 2 bed 'affordable homes' (sheds?) tacked on the side.

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    There are planning applications for four solar farms locally.


    Hinton, near Chippenham:

    So farewell green and pleasant land, welcome to the industrial landscape.
    Typically 2M high security fencing with the copper being stolen as fast as it is delivered on one of them.
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    I look across the river to land where as a boy nearly seventy years ago I learnt to ferret and shoot, today all I see is a sea of bungalows, roads and industrial sites. As long as we allow the population of this country to expand by one way or another this state of affairs will continue. I think it's what they call progress!!!

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    Jack: its an area on the levels not far from Taunton. As for arround me I have 100+acres of solar panels in a field adjacent to some ground I stalk on. Highlights the need for a very good backstop, but has pushed all the roe out. Thanks for the links


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    Came past the site today, ground ploughed up its only 1 acre at most.


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    Obviously someone has to make a living, just think that when the railway line that you travel on to make your living was being built, the owners of that orchard were bemusing the lose of the land, it's called progress I am led to believe.

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    Time marches on, & we multiply by our own nature, so something has to give, but I know how you feel when you describe that little orchard.
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    I can't see why we can't do something that I saw in Italy. The airport parking areas, which are huge, put up solar panels and the cars park under them. Means the cars are in the shade in summer and you don't have to take agricultural land out of production. I hate the ignorance and pigheadness of the green lobby.


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