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Thread: Leupold

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    Is it not strange how many Leupold scopes end up in the classified section?

    or is it because they are pure chinese manufactured *****?

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    Not a particularly constructive post or are you trying to provoke a bun fight??

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    are you referring to my scope in the classified?
    As there is only two I must presume that you are referring to the VX3 that is advertized.
    Perhaps you could come back with a more informed view,or is this personal.
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    There two types/builds mate, but you are right in saying most are just crap. I've said this many tiimes, if Leup's scopes were as good as their marketing/advertising suggests they are, they would be up there with Swaro/S&B. Any one who's had one knows they are not, the second hand prices reflect this -

    I've seen on the bay many times Leup scopes go for silly money and l just think rich air rifle owner or ill-informed cf user....

    I've had two one from the states (an older ((good)) one) and a jap built euro thing - both sold for German optics,


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    Would it come as a surprise if I told you that some S&B's are built in china..
    I have just been out stalking this morning with one of the main importers of S&B in this country,he dropped the bombshell over a cuppa, they source the tube and all their CNC work to China.The glass is sourced from Schott the rest is outsourced.
    Don't that blow a big hole in your theory..

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    I found the following comment interesting. I remembered reading it a while ago and found it again...

    Look down to 'mysticplayer' comment at the bottom.

    Here's what he says...

    Leupold has been outsourcing their lenses for decades. I have a Guns and Ammo article from the 80's with a factory tour which states clearly all their lenses come from overseas.
    The big issue is 'domestic content'. This allows companies to lable'Made in USA' even though some/many of the parts come from Global suppliers.
    Lenses are dominated by the Asian factories. Some of the top Japanese houses have set up factories in China and the Phillipines to make the best lenses in the world. Many Euro scopes source from Asia too.
    Remember, China/Phillipines has all of the newest factories built to the same specs as in Europe or Japan. They just have done it at 1/3 the costs.
    Much of the scope tubes are made in China. Why a number of big name clones can exist so cheaply. Yes, the Mk4 is cloned to no end. Makes you wonder how they got the design specs?
    A top of the line CNC machine run by an Asian or an American stil produces the same product. China now leads the world in Robotic manf. Yep, your Chevy might very well be built with Chinese robotics.
    China is rapidly becoming the world's largest consumer of quality aluminum alloys. So no wonder that is where much of the tubes are sourced there.
    At the end, domestic content allows any company to lable based on US import/export rules. Why you can have an import Caddy and a domestic Honda.
    Many scope companies outsource various parts but keep the content/assembly high enough to legally call their product domestic. Others can't be bothered and go for the better margins.
    The jobs left a very long time ago and aren't returning anytime soon. Ah, capitalism....

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    I saw some of the cloned scopes a while ago we were shooting at Sennybridge military ranges, one of the guys in the club is a dealer and had picked up several scopes for a new shooter to try out.
    We all rated the chinese hundred quider over all the rest including my ziess !!!
    The Euro scopes have had there day if the truth is told 20 years ago they were the mutz nuts now there is little or nothing between them and the top asian stuff

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    Well said griff and legal, Swaro S&Bs and Zeiss all well overpriced


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    I have only got 1 Leup, a VX2 centenary that is on my .22. admittedly it's not in the same league as my Smitt stuff or the Docter thats on my HMR but its a good little scope for the money. My oldest stalking buddy has an old VX2 that he bought second hand when he was an aprentice stalker in Sweden about 15 years ago. Since i've known him he's had Smitts, Swarovski's, and a second hand nightforce. last year he moved back to Sweden and sold a lot of his kit to fund the trip. All he kept was a Benelli SA shotgun and a Sako fullstock .308 with his old Leup on it. When I asked him why he rated it so high he said that he didn't need to use it in the lamp so night performance wasn't to important. He told me about the 2 years he worked for minsterley ranges, he said that he regularly sent scopes away for repair. Of all the top makes leopold had by far and away the best after sales service quite often repairing scopes for free.
    I think a reason lot's of them get sold is that they are a great price for someone looking to get a decent scope for starting stalking then many sell them to fund more expensive optics as they get in to it a bit more. i'm sure some people think you can't stalk deer unless you have a pair of Harkila trousers a hand built rifle and Swarovski bino's (been a bit caught up in this myself for a while).

    Just my opinion.

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    now we are into the pros and cons of different scopes im looking for one for my rimfire with an illuminated reticle any ideas dont want to spend more than 300 must be variable got my eye on hawke endurance whats your pleasure gents

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