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Thread: UKDP and septic tank insurance claim.

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    UKDP and septic tank insurance claim.

    Does anyone know anything about these (UK Drainage Claims LTD)? My mother has septic tank problems and really needs a new system. Her house has an old single chamber cess tank which has lost its syphon and the soakaway is contaminated. She got a local septic tank repair/installation company to do an inspection and they recommend a new klargester treatment system and new soakaway, which I would agree with. They say it is an insurance claim job and they've given her some forms to fill in for UKPD who they say will deal directly with her insurance company as the work is claimable and it won't cost her a penny beyond her excess.
    The septic tank company (Environmental Services LTD - based in Verwood, Dorset) who did the inspection want her to fill out the UKDP claim form so they will get the work rather than going through her insurers who will send an assessor and then allocate the job to one of their own approved companies. That makes sense but it all sounds a bit too good to be true.
    Being in the building trade myself I agree with their assessment of the problem and their proposed solution. I'm just worried about mother giving the go-ahead through a third party on her insurance for work which is quite costly and she couldn't afford to pay for herself. Who would be the client? Her, her insurers, UKDP? Has anyone had work done on insurance by going through UKDP? Is it all reputable and straightforward?

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    Never heard of UKDP mate but if she is on a water meter now may be a good opportunity to look into re-using the 'grey' water as it's known in the house once it's been treated, rather than into a soakaway? I don't think they are much different in cost to the conventional package pump systems and are used for washing up, cleaning cars, flushing loos, garden hose, etc.

    Just googled UKDP and to me they are just a paperwork handling company who have drainage companies they partner up with to do the work.

    Finances look ok though UK DRAINAGE CLAIMS LIMITED. Free business summary taken from official Companies House information. Free Alerts. Registered as 06985399

    I think if it were me, I'd ring my insurance company to ask if the work is covered 1st. Then if it is I would ask if they want you to obtain quotes, or if they use a preferred contractor. If the former, and you are happy to use them I would proceed with ES Ltd who did the inspection and ask them to look into the option of a re-circulation system while they are at it.

    Hope this helps,

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    I would be very careful. In my (limited) experience of dealing with insurance claims, its always been in the small print that no work goes ahead without the express say so of the insurance company.

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    I live in an area were we all have septic tanks and I have never heard of this problem being an insurance claim. It would be wear and tear not an accident or damage.
    I hope I am wrong but it sounds like a scam.

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    We had to replace our own tank as the insurance wouldn't accept if the tank is old it may be classed as wear and tear if you can get it in writing that your mother will only have the policy excess, to pay i would go for it but make sure if the insurance decline to pay. They cannot come back to you for payment

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    Been looking into UKDP. It seems they are recognised and approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health:
    EHN Online | Drainage service expands

    The big question is whether the insurance covers the work. If it does then given the stringent regulations now covering foul water drainage and soakaways - which are the reason we need a klargester - I bet policy cover will be due to change soon. If UKDP have found a loophole its sure to get closed very soon and I bet septic tank systems will soon be requiring separate insurance cover. Which will no doubt mean that people with old cess tank/pools like mother's will soon be uninsurable.

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    From my limited experience of insurance companies, I would suspect that they will site the problem as being down to wear and tear and therefore will not pay out, unless you can prove the problem is down to subsidence - assuming that's covered.

    Good luck with the claim though.

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    I own a drainage company and have an intimate knowledge of UKDP, what they don't know isn't worth knowing, the owner James is a mate of mine and he has been incredibly successful in getting work approved from insurers, in one case he got the insurers to pay 22k for a new treatment plant even though the insurers approved contractor tried to get it repudiated as wear and tear. He knows the law and the rules, if he can't get it approved then no one can.

    Don't let the neigh sayers put you off, and whatever you do let UKDP handle your claim, as a layman insurers will do their utmost to get out of paying, so using a specialist is the way forward.

    If you want more advice you are welcome to PM me.


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    If it sounds too good to be true then it more than likely is.
    How's your end of the gene pool today?

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    Thanks NickyA. PM sent.

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