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Thread: Day/night nightvision rifle scooe

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    Day/night nightvision rifle scooe

    I am looking at setting up my new .204 for primarily night hunting. I would say it will be used 80% of the time in the night but I would still like to be able to take it out in the day as well.

    What set ups are you fellas using and what would you recommend.

    I am thinking of the new ATN x-sight as it is a day and night sight. I have no experience with these but they look great. Also the clip on additions to turn a day scope to night sight look good but wanted some feedback from guys who are actually using these set ups.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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    Ive got the pulsar n750. its amazing for night shooting, enhanced by the small IR nightmaster torch i can see up to 500yds. Ive used it during the day aswell and its pretty good. Not sure of the costings compared to the setup you describe and it is quite a chunky bit of kit. Also it isnt as quick as id like for turning on......but overall the pro's outweigh the cons :-)
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    The pulsar n750 is definitely one of the scopes I'm looking at. It is a tad more expensive than the atn x sight I mentioned which is coming in at around £700.
    What sort of range can you positively ID a fox at with the pulsar?
    Have you seen the armasight range of scopes as well, they
    get cracking reviews and look to be up there with the pulsar.
    Thanks for the offer to borrow it as well. Cheers

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    ill hopefully get out tomorrow and ill save an image off the scope so you can see for yourself. I have clearly seen foxes at 350yds(more than id be happy to shoot with my 222) . I had found that there was alot of glare from animals eyes but that was down to me having the brightness up too much. now that is adjusted it is invaluable.

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    The Drone Pro is leagues ahead of the N750 and is quite usable during the day as well, I should know as I have both.

    I would put a decent bet on the forthcoming ATN X-Sight not living up to all the hype as well.

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    I really hope Anthony's not right about the X-Sight - but I fear it will be a compromise too far. I find an NV add on invaluable, allowing me good quality daytime glass and a very flexible night time capability. The key here is how much you want to spend - because there is kit at all prices.

    i have a Gen 2+ NV monocular which I've had as a spare for a while that really should be moved on, which mounted via DSA gives very good clarity to as far as you want to shoot and won't break the bank. Feel free to PM if you want more details.
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    Rear-mounted NV is a very good solution -and oddly underrated- and will give you the best quality in age in both day and night-time conditions. Digital is cheaper, however, and so the Drone Pro or N750 (in that order IMO) offer an accessible compromise. Personally, I would be wary of buying from ATN as, historically at least, the quality of their products and support lags way behind the others.
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    Drone pro !!!
    I love mine
    Bet of the bunch regarding digital for the moment in my humble opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    Drone pro !!!
    I love mine
    Bet of the bunch regarding digital for the moment in my humble opinion
    Me too... no faffing around trying to adjust it just when you don't need too.

    Rear add-ons are fine in their own right but with the drawback that you could be compromising your head position with the extra length of the various units and they don't always work well with all 'scopes for IR light transmission.... some are good/bad with digital or tubed and vice versa. Tubed you won't need much additional IR (Laser best) but with digital you will (LED best here). The advantage of digital is that extra/accidental light wont damage it. (Just makes the Drone picture better)

    You could always build your own digital pretty cheaply or go the ready built route....... Marky610's nite-tek NT300 for example for not a lot of dosh.



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    Can you get add ons that clip to the objective end of scope to not interfere with eye relief?

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