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Thread: 178gr Amax

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    178gr Amax

    Hi anyone loading this in 308 using RL17?

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    That's a very slow powder for that bullet mate. Rl17 comes into it's own in 308 using the 200+ grain heads.

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    theres a bit of info here Swiss GP11 apparently uses RL17 with 174grn bullets and that is considered to be similar in performance to .308, you will need a long barrel (26"+) to get the full benefit I would have thought.
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    I realize you cannot get IMR, Hodgdon or Winchester powders, but here is a mix that shoot well in most bolt action rifles ​with 175smk's or 178 Amax's: Lapua brass, Federal GM210M primers, 2.80 inch COAL

    44-45 Varget,
    42-43 4064,
    43-44 RL 15,
    43-45 N 550.
    43-44 N 140
    42-43 AA-2520

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