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Thread: 30-06 dies

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    30-06 dies

    Looking for 30-06 dies set anything considered.

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    If you're 'considering anything' then there are Lee RGB Dies from Henry Krank @ 18 + P&P new.

    Or are you really trawling for secondhand dies which cost more to do the same job?

    I mention this because it's now common to see wanted Ads on here from posters who are really after Redding Match or the like at rock bottom prices, and turn sniffy when they're offered what they regard as inferior kit. They waste everyone's time by not specifying up front exactly what they will or won't consider which must irritate responders no end.

    In your case I've taken the post literally with the idea that bargain dies might be what you're after.... ATB if not.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    I would be happy with Lee dies, but I need them shipped to Poland. I asked Henry Krank couple of weeks ago about shipping cost, sadly no reply...

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    If you can't find anything else around you could try these ..they obviously ship abroad

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