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    At the end of our partridge season (Nov) we usually have a good few birds still going around and I have often thought about putting on a day of small drives strictly for youngsters accompanied by an experienced adult. We would have to cover the costs of some beaters but I can see this as being an opportunity for youngsters to experience a real shoot, learn from their experienced adult and to have a fun day. But I am sure there are pitfalls such as insurance, risk assessments etc. Anybody ever run such a day? I see it as along the lines of what I was brought up on as Father and Sons days and these always ran with no problems.

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    I'd be interested in hearing about this too as I find I get more pleasure these days from introducing newcomers (of all ages) to the sport & have in the past financed youngsters going to Young Shots days & regularly take novices clay pigeon shooting. I have a couple of adults who have been clay shooting a few times now & are interested in trying game/rough shooting & am considering trying to make this happen & yes, I would like further information about how best to handle insurance, supervision etc, especially for non-certificate holders (I realise this may not be possible on non-approved ground). Is the only option for them to get a SG certificate & their own insurance, which is undoubtedly the most desirable scenario?

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    A thoroughly spiffing idea, and excellent way of introducing youngsters to the field.
    I'm happy to bring the woofer and give you a days beating FOC.

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    There are still some places left for for the GWCT young shots day in East Lothian on the 26th of August. They don't expect youngsters to be members.

    Scotland Young Shooters Day - Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

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    An excellent idea that perhaps one or more of the shooting magazines/organisations might like to sponsor to the tune of the beater's costs?

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    Great idea, If I am home I will be available to beat or supervise as required..

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    I'm a teacher at a secondary school and run a clay pigeon shooting team so I'm quite keen about getting young people experienced in shooting.

    With regards insurance, is your shoot covered by public liability or some other kind of insurance? This should cover anyone regardless of age (unless the small print says other wise).
    Risk assessment: for kids get something written down but it does not have to be onerous or ridiculous. Just identify the risks, the severity of them and how the risks might be overcome. You've done this already with a simple 'accompanied' aspect. But guidelines on when loading takes place, start/stop of shoot, loading of gun, BASC insurance etc will all help. If you need some more guidance, please let me know as often write risk assessments for activities at school.
    It would be worthwhile publicising the event after it takes place; magazines would love to have some pictures and a write up. Even invite one of their representatives to come along. With this, there might be some sponsorship opportunities that would help to bring down the cost/cover costs. Be creative and ask businesses to donate. I have done this to great effect in the past, especially if you can promise magazine articles to highlight donations.

    I just wish you were closer! I've got over 20 students in my clay club and I am sure a number of them would love to try something different.

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