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Thread: Pulsar recon 750 monocular

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    Pulsar recon 750 monocular

    This is a brand new NV unit I just got back for a warranty replacement, never been used, selling it because now I use a thermal spotter£300 Ono, these are £365 at the moment to buy normally

    the Pulsar Recon 750 Digital Night Vision monocular is designed for detection and observation of wildlife at long distances in complete darkness.

    With a light gathering capacity (F/d = 1.0) and high power magnification the Recon 750 will provide a sharp and detailed image at extended ranges.

    Whether you are using it for watching wildlife, or as a spotter when out with your Digisight N750, the Recon 750 Digital Night Scope will provide a viewing distance of up to 300m based on a man sized object in ideal conditions, however this effectively means a detection range of 100 to 150m for small animals and wildlife.

    Featuring a built in high power 780nm laser IR Illuminator, the Recon 750 can be used in complete darkness and has four optional display modes:

    Black and White
    Green (Traditional NV output)
    Red (For reduced eye strain)
    Enhanced (High Contrast mode)

    Resistant to bright light exposure, the Recon can be used in conditions where it may be exposed to sudden light, which unlike an image intensifer, will not be damaged by bright light exposure.

    Outfitted with a video out port which allows you to record video footage directly from the Recon 750 to a Mobile Personal recorder such as the Yukon MPR.

    Ideal for a wide range of applications including observation, image capture and video recording, search and rescue operations, hunting and tourism as well as wildlife and security survelliance.

    Generation: Digital
    Magnification: 4.0x
    Lens Diameter: 50mm
    Min Focusing Distance: 3 metres
    Resolution, Typical(lp/mm) 40
    Field of View: 5.5 Deg
    Illuminator: Built in 780nm 125mW Laser Illuminator
    Weight: 400grams
    Power: 4 x AA batteries
    CCD Array: Sony ICX-254AL, 1/3"
    Camera Resolution: 510x492
    Min/Max Working Illuminance (lux) 0.005 to 30000
    Display Resolution: 320x240
    Video In/Out Port for recording footage
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