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    Hi, iam 40 miles from Inverness and 70 from Aberdeen, i hold level 1 and 2 also on SNH fit and competant register, just wondering if any hill stalkers are wanting a hand, hope nobody finds this being cheeky or being forward, but if you dont ask you dont get, if anyones interested please pm me.
    Regards Drummerboy

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    MM Just what i thought, post been going now for over ten hours not a response, Maybe what i should have said was i have been stalking for over 20 years and it has been all roe that i have stalked, and i wanted some hill stalker to show me the ropes at hill stalking.

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    Contact JAYB he has a real cheap day rate on his bit with SIKA RED and ROE on it.

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    Thankyou mate i will do that

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