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    Daily mail

    Has anyone seen the article in the Daily mail on a lady down south making purses and iPad covers from deer skins that her deer stalking husband shoots , an excellent idea and puts the hide to good use rather than being thrown away and they do look good as well. However peta have been involved with the article and have said its discussing using their fur to make accessories rather than the small business created to make use of an often wasted part of the stalking process. It seemed a good little article until they had to quote peta and their opinions as Bambi killers taking deer in the prime of their life rather than culling to keep a healthy balanced population and keep the freezer full of high wlefare free range meat.

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    Typical news paper, don,t know why anyone reads one.

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    I suppose the idiots who write this rubbish and the tossers who want it banning don't wear leather shoes??

    “If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

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    I tend not to read the Mail if I want to read sensible reporting. I suppose the quotes from PETA could be regarded as trying "balance" the piece, something that the BBC constantly do, but the quotes are typically emotive and misleading to the casual reader. I wonder if the Mail readers realise how many dogs PETA euthanise in the course if a year?

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