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    Can someone tell me why? quad no engine,frame knackered,gear box dodgy,seat ripped,split tyres,been out in the rain 5 years 1100 quid,no messers,
    Why when you can buy an off road trail bike for 100,its only anotherr 2 wheels.
    I am after an old quad,but I am shocked how much they go for,
    Mornin Tod

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    Do you get up to N Yorks at all? I have an old Yamaha sitting here doing nothing, 2 wheel drive, currently redundant. Starts and runs, has had a few new bits fitted, is useable as a quad but I took it on as part payment for a debt and it wants a good tidy up really. Let me know if it's any interest.

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    I didn't know this thread would generate so much interest, it wasn't my intention to create a "for sale" type topic! Thanks for the interest to all, I am currently in conversation with a member, should it not meet his needs I will contact any interested parties.

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    Aye well I'm needing one (a quad) in Scotland. I have a 1968 88" petrol landy with a galvanised chassis that I want to swap for quad and trailer. However, I'm away to Alaska on Monday so I'll do something about it when I get back.

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