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Thread: Tonneau cover for defender 90

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    Tonneau cover for defender 90

    Quick question as I couldn't get hold of anyone in the Land rover dept at Rimmer bros this morning. Looking to get a flat tonneau cover for the back of my defender 90 pick up (2002) and was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have support bars going across the load bay (from side to side)? as if i load a red stag in it often comes above the level of the side of the load bay so may bend/not fit if they have bars fitted. Had found another place that makes them without cheaper but cant get hold of them anymore (holiday maybe?) and will need it soon for a trip north of the boarder in sept.

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    thank you. have spoken to rimmerbros and they weren't to sure as they don't keep them in stock, will give them a bell tomorrow.

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