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Thread: A once great nation

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    A once great nation

    Well we used to build lots of stuff, we used to mend lots of stuff, wonder where we got the current trend from, Just had a visit from an engineer (Heating etc), as our Combi has decided to throw the towel in, he followed the correct testing procedure as directed by the manufacturers ................ having had all the Ohms & Milliwhatsits on his meters, he referred to the destructions, "If the readings are xxxxx, then consider the board is f**ked, replace board, ...... If that does not cure the problem, replace gas valve"

    Ah well, cold showers till Tuesday earliest!
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Ah well, cold showers till Tuesday earliest!
    Surely it was cold showers that made the nation great in the first place?... that, ripping afternoons playing hare-and-hounds, and lashings of hot, sweet tea!
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    Well lashings anyway!!!!!


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    our kia is in the shop and the compression is low and uneven (between cylinders)... Asked the head mechanic if they did a wet test to rule out a bad head.... I got that look.... and when I told him how (put a little oil in the cylinder), he couldn't believe it and thought I was an idiot.......

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    There you go.... heating off for the summer .. turned ours on earlier this wk as wife was unwell & the expansion tank blew the water out. No heating until engineer came to fix it!
    Fixed it...did the same thing again...another engineer came & said the 1st engineer had turned a stop valve off & forgotten to turn it on again. Fixed now job done. Never send a boy to do a mans job eh! Then car broke - and that's been running all summer! S'fixed again now, but not without the kind of expense that would have bought a very nice Austrian scope. Hey ho. ATB
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    There's less and less stuff that can be fixed now. Most appliances have a certain life and that's that. The only way to fix things now is to replace parts. What used to be car mechanics are now all fitters.

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    I can understand Finnbears plight, my Worcester Bosch 35CDI II (11yr old Combi) has had so many new parts (control board, pressure vessel, air pressure thingy, pump, and touch wood is running fine. Luckily, dads a Plumber so I just buy parts and he fits for tea and dinner. Anything that doesn't touch I gas I can do myself (changing rads/rad valves/bleeding etc)

    This is also partly why I bought a Toyota HiLux Surf (3L 3rd Gen) as it can be fixed and mended on the drive, and parts are very cheap from the likes of those boys at Roughtrax. Anything really technical (heads are prone to cracking if not looked after) go to a local Mechanic (old school bloke I know in Rotherham) not (((((NOT)))) a fitter or technician!

    Finnbear is right though, too much stuff is built abroad, it's interesting to know that we (the UK) supply a lot of components, we ship them, we just don't do the final build in this country (this goes for cars, white goods Etc)

    The fact of the matter is we will never compete on labour costs.


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    Think its called "built in obsolescence"? ? ?

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    We will never compete with mass production of other larger countries, its impossible, we just don't have the land mass, raw materials or amount of cheap labour.
    However we are up there with the best for our technical expertise in most fields of engineering, science and medicines.

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    Yep we're up there our local racing team and high tech race engine facility in the next village owned by MERCEDES ! Well english

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