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Thread: Phones and Coffee ??

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    Phones and Coffee ??

    Last time I ventured into the centre of Aberdeen. I was confronted with nearly half the people ,head down, looking at a mobile phone!

    Went back in on Tuesday to catch an early train and discovered the other half are now walking about with cups of coffee with plastic tops on the cups!

    How anyone can enjoy a cuppa by sooking it through a wee hole in a bit of plastic is beyond me ????

    Wee rant over .

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    Ah haa! The lid on the old coffee cup! Thats because of the oil industry HSE requirements! You see if you work in the oil industry you are not deamed safe or compitent enough to drink a hot beverage without spilling it down yourself so you have to put a lid on it to avoid a stop card! Now throw a flight of stairs into the mix and well! There's a disaplinary right there. Three points of contact on the stairs at all times! A hot beverage in your hand aswell even if suitable covered.... My word your done for!

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    Avoid Aberdeen 2434me, it makes enjoying life considerably easier.... Unfortunately I need to venture in there every day....
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    Get a life FFS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Get a life FFS?
    Don't mince your words mate, say what you mean!
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    I agree with Mick. Dinna ging intae abideen!

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    The only good thing about aberdeen is the road oot! Hell, everyone snobby, ill manered people. Plus there way too much of them for my liking. Hate it with a passion, like my own comany and space too much for it. Thats y i enjoy stalking, no one around too annoy me.
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Get a life FFS?

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    FFS ? is that text talk for F-ing Fussy Shortarse ?

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