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Thread: the welsh boys go south

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    the welsh boys go south

    myself and gelert hit road at 12 on wednesday and got to jims estate at about 6. a couple of mishaps that we wont go into stopped us from going for a stalk that evening so it was a couple of beers and we hit the sack.up next morning 4.30 we met jim in his place a cup of tea and we were off . on the way to my seat we seen a roe not sure of sex jim and gelert dropped me off as they did another roe ran accross the stubble field things were looking promising .10 mins on the seat and i could here something big coming down the ditch behind me out came 4 nice red stags 190m the dot was on the shoulder 4inch high. off they went not on the menu. ten mins later something that was on the menu popped out a munty and a roe doe with her fawn i shot the munty which ran into cover a huge blood trail the shot was good and we found the buck in some bramble with vinys help( jims dog ). gelert had also shot a doe what a great first morning.the evening stalk was not so productive but i did have a bullet ready not for me to say.the next day i had my sako up on sticks more than once but no sure shot.
    the last morning jim took me in to a wood on the estate to a coverd high seat a munty ran accross the ride as i approched and barked at me for a good 15 mins . an hour later a munty doe was just about to feel the sting of my sako when another munty ran to her and they both left in a hurry like a couple of newly weds. well thats it i thought what a great couple of days just about to unload and clime down and there was my second munty for the larder . it was time to make the journey north again but not before we cooked up a feed of crayfish that jim sorted .
    thankyou very much jim for a fantastic few days mate as you southern boys say your a diamond geezer. i will be back . anyone thinking of visiting jim at you wont be disapointed .
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    +1 for that - Jim is very good value and a top bloke. I may be looking for one of those reds in a few weeks time. I had my scope on one big boy last year but it was in the very last of the light and 350+ yards so I passed.

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    The mishaps,broken fuses,lost keys,
    Well having shot the doe in the morning,I spent the evening sat in the highseat,coincidentally were I shot one over 12 months ago.
    Ride to my left,in front, and my right.

    Anyway,just as it was getting dark I made out a buck that just magically appeared on the ride,gun up and safety off all in one motion click,no ****ing bullet,at first I thought miss fire,but the harsh realisation I hadn't chambered a round, came when trued and he disappeared into cover game over.

    The next morning saw jim & I stalk the edge and through some wood,coming across two roe does, and the part of four stags, great to watch.
    We made our way around the hedgerows then along a known ride towards a large log pile,stopping every 10minutes for a wait,then a muntie came out and across the ride,few more paces,sticks up,and out he came another muntie buck,this time he was a cracker, but still too far,he did start to come towards us but eventually teased me and back into the wiid he went.
    Taking a slightly more brisk full few steps and made may way and bugger me out he popped again, both of us nearly crashed into each other and he had the thousand yrd stare and looking straight at us

    I managed to get the sticks up and rifle ready safety off (bullet chambered) but he just skipped off, so close but yet so far.

    The last day saw me up in a seat and bumped a buck on the way,which sadly just never showed a shot.
    A fox made an appearance roughly 280 ish yards and I did try a shot but it was a complete miss,I did think that id messed the morning up for that area.

    At exactly 7:20. The same time i shot the doe a roe appeared close to the missed fox,then another and both bucks.

    I must have watched both for 30+minutes just grazing and playing ,too far for a shot and they eventually dissapeared back into the hedge,never mind i though great to see .
    Then,to my suprise they came back out behind the seat,no shot where they were , so i picked a likely spot for a shot 120ish yrds in the middle of the field.
    Eventually the buck i chose stayed still and the shot was good , he ran straight back towards the hedge and collapsed close to it,with the other buck standing over, i felt awful for shooting his mate, made myself walk to the site to follow the blood,all the while his mate was still there standing.
    Eventually i got to around 50 yards and even tried to bark and he eventually ran off.

    Both toad and i were ecstatic,and had a fantastic time in Jim's company.
    A real down to earth honest guy who put up with the two of us over a couple of days.
    A definite annual trip and just an honest nice guy.

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    Apologies for the quality, now I have a constant ribbing from toad,not sure whats worse,a miss,or no bullets.
    Also used the fantastic outdoor range and had a couple of shots @ 200yrds.
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