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    teckel pup

    Hi got a teckel pup off the mighty buck recently she's coming on really well only 12week old at the minute but showing she has a really good nose .I was wondering how the others in the litter are doing I met one lad think your name is Scott from Lancashire .

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    Awesome news, myself have two and will be doing more track and scent trails next week. Keep us informed quite a few on here seem to have teckels.

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    Am not from the same litter, but reckon you are going to have so much fun and pleasure form your Teckle. They are smart little fellas. I, like Weeman, have two, but get your first one under control before getting a companion or you will be run rings around you. Spend good time on her and she will be the most divine companion, worker and entertainer. Am really excited for you.

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    Thanks for replies I didn't say but I already have a dog and bitch .The bitch is due to have pups next week so will have four then .they are very infectious you just have to have more .I use them hunting free quite a lot but also on blood trailing I use them for most day to day work around the estate dogging in stoats rats .The dog can go in the berating line as he is very biddable .Will keep you posted on progress.

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    Out of curiosity do any teckle owner stalk with their dogs or are they left in the car until after a shot has been taken?

    I'm going to be after another dog in a few years and something smaller would keep the Mrs happy but I want something that can accompany me stalking and remain quiet, walk to heel etc.

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    I have a miniature and stalk with her. Sat up a seat last night just after the baler left the field, my teckel sits up with me and settles down nicely after about 5 minutes She was shaking and pretending to be on point when a doe walked almost under the seat I was delighted she was almost silent and did not alert the deer. Some times it would be a bit easier without the company but over all I think there is a benefit in having her along. They can be very stubborn on occasion for some thing so small.

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    Mine is just over 6 months,and i don't just want a dog to find the deer I shoot,but a companion when stalking.
    He's my first teckel and I have no comparison,but he's not like the lab or spaniel i have.He' extremely friendly with everyone and anything, and as soon as he's got anything deer related skin,feet,heads etc he turns into this horrible blood thirsty little ****er that you don't want to go near.

    I took him with me stalking last week in a heavily populated area with fallow,walking on the lead expecting to be rather bonkers with all the scent ,but he was good as gold,and clearly winded a couple of deer which I was ecstatic with.

    Today he did another track around 4hrs old over 400 yards with scent shoes, which have been by far the best purchase to date.
    I want to take him off blood eventually but he's coming along well so far,sits outside the lo door when I'm in there,but I have a lot of work to do on the obedience of things.
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    Ive had an awful lot of advice from the guys on here and I can only hope I do him justice.

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    As I said mine are with me most of the time but if I am stalking I just take one tried taking two but they keep pulling ,but if it's just one there good as gold and most times wind something before you see it .so if you keep an eye on them it's early warning alert.

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