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Thread: Garlands Peachcloth Trousers

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    Garlands Peachcloth Trousers

    I've got a pair of Garlands Peachcloth trousers sitting here in size XXXL. They were a cancelled order and I doubt I'll be able to sell them at full price. First offer of 10 or over gets them.

    They have a waterproof breatheable membrane, are a moleskin type material but synthetic and come in dark green.

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    grab yourself a bargain steyr dead now

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    Hi Drew,
    Has there been a break in at the local pie shop? Have you been asked to work out who the culprit is? What a cunning plan!
    P.S. What waist would they be, as I might know someone?

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    no buckup to small for mr b, whats the postage on these drew to the midlands as they may fit the other half now she's on a diet

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    You should go for them yourself mate. Sure they will be an ok fit if i let them out a bit for you or you could loose another 50kilos & breath in when you put them on mate
    They will go well with your long ginger ronald Mcdonald hair do your now sporting
    See you sunday mate

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    I had been considering using them as a windsock on the local airfield but if they'd escaped they'd have been a hazard to shipping!

    Seriously, if there is anyone there postage is 3.50

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