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Thread: AR500 steel target fox head

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    AR500 steel target fox head

    Picked up 2 targets on sat from BH targets in wales , the chap was a pleasure to deal with and showed me some of his new targets he is working on hes got some great ideas ,the 1st one i got is a fox head [AR 500 STEEL] with shackles to swing from chains
    i have used his targets out at 650 yds with a 6.5x55 and will use it at 200yds with no damage attall and gives a nice ring to it
    the 2nd one is for my .22 rimfire have yet to use it but seems a bit of fun as you hit it it should flip over giving you another target to aim at
    this is made from a softer steel i think and only rated for rimfire

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    +1 they are the best steel targets I've seen to date and, as you say, BH are a pleasure to deal with.

    They aren't everlasting, but neither are they overpriced, and the model you mention, suspended by some very sturdy pickets, chains and shackles, is tremendous fun for the money, and one of the most durable.
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