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Thread: Little project!

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    Little project!

    Well, this wasn't the original plan, as I just wanted to buy a 300 wsm and shoot it!!

    However I have been forced into re stocking a brand new rifle As the supplier has absolutely no customer service what so ever,

    the rifle was purchased at the beginning of May and to date the composite stock still has two large cracks at the recoil lug area and in the action bedding, and is flexing badly.

    so I contacted 3 companies, one of which I have left over 10 messages and e-mails and have never had a response !!!. Another wouldn't entertain laminate, and once again was made all sorts of promises but then never contacted me with a price or got back to me after the initial consultation.

    i wasn't asking for anything that they didn't advertise as doing on a standard basis, but this seems to be the way the uk is going.

    So I said b******s, I will have to do it myself! can't rely on anyone else! obviously.

    so after a lot of searching and talking I purchased a blank from Boyd's.

    Well after blanking it out, I found some bits of Ebony off an old stock, by the time I had sanded, I thought I would send it for an adjustable combe and recoil pad,,,,,,,,,,

    then i I thought, no s*d it, in for a penny! I made my own adjustable raiser metal work, cut the stock, ordered a but pad and then fitted it.

    bedded throughout with devcon, and now shoots 3 x 180 grain into a tiny clover leaves all day if I do my bit.

    it weighs in at 10 lb exactly , as you see it.

    so the moral seams to be , if you want it done,,,,, Do it yourselve!!!!!

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    Very nice indeed!

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    Come on then, full specs!

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    How do you meen?

    kimber action, border 24 inch barrel in 300 wsm.

    Its pretty much much the ballistic equivalent to 300 win mag in a short action using about 6 - 8 grains less powder.

    180 grain nosler accubonds are going 300 fps, and 165 grain nosler ballistic tips are 3200 fps.

    The stock was an exact copy of the original apart from my embellishments. :-)


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    Thanks Nik. How do you find the Kimber action?

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    I think in all honesty I would maybe go for a full custom action on my next rifle or maybe a Remington and work from there.

    however the action is smooth enough and feeds well, even with the WSM cartridges, it's not as slick as my sako's

    but it never will be with the extractor claw along the bolt, as long as it's clean and greased, it's fine.


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    Nice job , that will make an excellent long range rig , very cool .


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    You bought a brand new rifle which had a broken stock, then the retailer or importer refused to replace it?

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    That's serious poor service, in fact I suspect it's in breach of the sale of goods act.

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    Very nice job there. How did you finish it ? Oil or lacquer/varnish ?
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