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Thread: wanted a cheap 16 or 410 shotgun

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    wanted a cheap 16 or 410 shotgun

    I am looking for a cheap 16 or 410 shotgun that I can modify (or one that already has a short stock) for the young lad learn, I am looking for something 100 - 300 mark, single barrel preferred, but a double would be considered, the closer to aberdeen the better only to cut down on traveling.

    charlie 1

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    cheap shotgun

    I have a couple of single .410s and a sxs 16g for sale if rfd transfer is an option for you?
    All would be within your budget including transfer fees.
    Pm me an email address if you would like more details.

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    I have a few single barrel .410 and 20 bore in stock and im only 40 min form aberdeen
    some very cheap

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    I've a Biakali Sbs ejector 410 with 2 stocks one like new (it's never been outside) and 1 that's been cut down and the sections still with it screwed back on. If that's of any use PM me.

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