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Thread: Steyr rail/scope mounts?

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    Steyr rail/scope mounts?

    Just picked up a Steyr Mannlicher SBS Classic Luxus in 308 and now need to work out the best way of attaching a scope.
    The receiver is drilled and looks like it needs a rail to attach mounts.
    I plan to put a fixed power scope (7 or 8 x 50ish Schmidt or something similar - any suggestions for a good fixed power?) and use it mainly for woodland stalking as she's nice and light and points like a dream.
    It's got classic lines and I won't spoil the rifle by putting a moderator on her.
    First time I've had a Steyr (always loved the twisted barrel look) and a rifle with such fittings so all advice gratefully accepted.

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    Alan Rhone do the Recknagel bases for Optilock rings. These base dovetails are nicely finished with the corners radiused so they don't catch or scratch you - Add a pair of Optilocks & you will have a nice smooth mount that won't damage or mark your scope tube.


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    Got warne bases and rings on all my steyrs never had any problems at all ! A 6x42 s/b would look nice and be more than adequate for woodland stalking
    good hunting N

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    I have had Steyrs with factory mounts ( 1950 through 1975), Buehler, swing mounts, and I like Warne on the Model M and SBS.

    Scopes move rifle to rifle and fit right up... return to zero in Warne QD rings. They come in matte and gloss. The fixed rings by Warne are solid. And my SBS .308 shoots every thing I put in it so far into groups with all holes overlapping.

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