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Thread: sourcing teckle tracking gear

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    sourcing teckle tracking gear

    am loving it that there are a good number of teckels on this site (reading on from teckle pups). Can anyone short cut me to locating good teckle tracking harnesses?

    Many thanks, Marnie

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    reccomend me a harness for a teckel,size and type please. try ths link a few ideas here. I don't use a harness. I nail the walking on a flexi lead first, then off the lead then work on a long lead/leash if need to.
    I use separate gear for walking and tracking so they no what is expected from them.

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    Muntjac trading.

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    Stalkers UK did have a deal on the niggeloh harness and tracking leash for 100.

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    The responses are great thank you. Since joining the directory I've gotten the dogs booked into a 'development day' (deer tracking and recovering), almost certainly for me over the dogs, yet I didn't want to arrive too domestic. The Niggeloh look the business; practical, comfy and strong, clearly designed with the job in mind. Realdog, for made to measure could be interesting. and I knew this had to have been discussed before so thank you for that link. Teckles are tricky size for working harnesses, bless em.

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    Have a look at Hurrta
    their padded Harness is the business
    And comes in teckle size
    you would need to get the right size for your dog

    [60422] Hurtta OutdoorsPadded Harness Birch 35cm | eBay

    UKDTR. Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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