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Thread: OT Anyone else make the last day of Fowling

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    OT Anyone else make the last day of Fowling

    Well I got up at silly o/clock this morning, and it was chuffin freezing, left the house to light sleet, 10mins and I'm in the car park, now very light snow, no other fowlers there, even thogh I been told a couple were going down.
    Walked down the path to the marsh gate, snow slightly heavier, crossed the marsh, snow getting heavier.
    Put all my gear down and started putting the deeks out, it's now snowing very hard, and the tide's running, a lttle to fast for my liking.
    All deeks out, I go back to the hide, I can't see my gunslip or gamebag, they're buried under snow, the hide netting is just a wall of snow, and I cannot see more than 20 yds.

    It's now I discover that the last time I used my ear defenders I left them switched on, so I can't hear beggar all, then my glasses steam up and run with water, so they come off and go in the bag, I look up as I was putting the glasses away, to see a dozen Wigeon right above me and going like the clappers upriver.
    Right, let's see If I can be ready for anymore , it's still snowing a blizzard, "uge gert big flakes" I squinting upriver at what I think maybe a Duck coming my way, but it lands, I turn around and there's 6 Wigeon just going over my head heading inland Oh and my goose deeks were covered in snow and I couldn't see them, and the ducks in the water had a layer of snow on them.
    The next 2 bunches get saluted then at nearly high tide, and before I had to get of the Island for 3/4 hr, a pair of Wigeon came by about 30/35yds out, only one left while getting Oscar out to the bird, 3 Geese came past the back of my Goose deeks, had I been in the hide I could of at least "saluted " them if not even put one in the bag
    After this the sun came out

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    All in all a good outing and a good end to the season

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    Went outfor evening flight. When in the car park getting my gear together 4 greylag came straight overhead at 40 yards, followed in small lots by another 30 of their chums in the next five minutes. A twenty minute walk saw me in position next to a reed fringed creek. I could hear teal on the tide edge and hoped they would flight inland following the course of my creek, which some did, but on very last light, generally fast and low, sometimes fast and high, only about every third lot was I able to see in time to shoot at. Came off the marsh with 7 empty shells and no duck. Need to practise on the skeet towers in the dark!

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    Thats not a bad ratio Rich , I had a night in storm force 10 at last light, I came off with 18 empties for 1 Teal, it was a helluva flight though


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    sorry Bri
    i hav always wanted to get out on the last day
    but as yet not really had the concrete invite
    yes i know i could of picked up the phone before a few of you jumped down me neck
    but i did hav a good morning out stalking and hung a couple up in the larder so not all a bad day
    glad a few of you made the most

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    Hi Brian,
    Weather was a bit like it Friday/Saturday down our way, i shot a red pricket on friday at about 6.40am not a sign of snow just a light frost ,quick gralloch and carried on stalking up the valley ,7.10 am it went very dark with dark purple and red snow clouds overhead sure enough it started to snow heavily, it was about an hour or so later i went back with the quad with an inch of snow on the ground
    Same again on saturday morning, nothing to start with just a heavy frost then heavy snow after about an hour of daylight, no need for the quad that morning as they could hear me coming by the time we got to Mole valley farmers at 9.30am they had nearly 1.5" of snow

    Still twas great fun to be out in

    Keep in touch Brian

    Ps wont see you at the gamefair this year trying to save some pennies. Have a good couple of days .


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