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Thread: Book: Dangerous Game Rifles

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    Book: Dangerous Game Rifles

    Dangerous Game Rifles by Terry Wieland

    Very Good condition in dust-wrapper.

    2006 1st edition; around 440 pages with photographs, bibliography, etc.

    A book devoted to just dangerous-game rifles and calibers .375 H&H and larger and their use in doubles, single-shots, and bolt actions.
    Chapters on:
    double and bolt-action rifle makers
    solid and softnose bullets
    modern large-bore cartridge manufacturers, loads and handloading
    accuracy, sights, recoil, weight, balance, etc.
    The Mauser action and its strengths and weaknesses etc., as well as the major modern non-Mauser bolt actions.
    Double rifle from Holland & Holland, Jeffery, Rigby, Westley Richards, and William Evans etc.

    20 posted within the UK

    photos to follow

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    yes please PM on way

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    Wow, 4 offers in the space of a few minutes! To be fair I need to sort out who contacted me first...
    Anyway, book is now SOLD
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