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Thread: T8 "Issues"

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    T8 "Issues"

    Well after wasting an inordinate amount of ammo trying to figure out why my AICS .300WM had a wandering POI, checking the moderator, swapping the scope, rings, refitting the rail, checking the throat (or whats left of it!) and ordering a new barrel.....I finally resorted to taking the wretched can off....fitting the old muzzle brake .......and lo and behold.....problem solved....POI repeatable.!!!!

    Put the can back on and once I had figured out where it was hitting the target and adjusted accordingly, it stayed there for two shots then off it went a-wandering again. Checked to make sure it wasnt working loose....nope...still secure......

    Took can off.....gave it a good shake...nothing! Took off bush and checked....nothing....screwed back on with finger pressure with and without bush....nothing....No obvious signs of movement or wear but all is not well in the Kingdom of T8.

    Ok...I know, I know....I should have checked it before I stripped the whole rifle down and blamed everyone and everything from dodgy powder, bent bullet heads, knackered bolt, burnt out throat, worn rifling, too dirty barrel, too clean barrel, delirium tremens,earth tremors, the coriolis effect etc etc and bearing in mind the can has seen upwards of 1200 150gr+ lumps of lead screaming through at 3250fps.....

    My feeling is the internal forward fixing point is deteriorating and whilst not itself loose enough to give any audible indication something is "moving" as the can heats up causing a shift in the POI...

    Anyone else had this issue with a T8 ? What in people's opinion is the "lifespan" of a T8?

    Anyway.....Off to the shops for a ASE Ultra me thinks!

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    Worth a call to Peter Jackson........ They've been part-exchanging knackered T8's against something else for years.



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    I have x2 T8 and other moderators the T8 with a neoprene sock over it to get rid of the tig is the quietest IMO. Mine are getting on 8years and had thousands of rounds through them. I have had wild cats ASE ultra I feel the T8 is still better. If you look after them they will last. If they last 5 years, is 40 a year out the way?? I don't think so.

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