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Thread: Bib and Braces Overalls

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    Bib and Braces Overalls

    Please could anyone recommend a good Brand/Model of Bib and Braces overall (plain, NOT Camo!) for Winter use?
    My own search comes up with a few options:
    Deerhunter 2.G at 170
    Harkila Visent at a RRP of 350 but now on *Bay for 275 (new)
    Countrycovers Bib and Braces 175

    Any other recommendations / suggestions would be much appreciated - Thank you.
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    I have a set of the Harkila ones it needs to be -10 before you even think of putting them on. Even sat in the high seat last thing of a evening they are too warm, then you sweat to death walking back to the truck. Good on the quad in the snow.

    Not come across the others so cant say

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    Deerhunter rusky bib and brace are fantastic for sitting in highseats in winter I wouldn't like to think I was moving around too much in them though as they are very warm but well worth a look I've 2 pair and they're a godsend for sitting out In winter waiting for muntys
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    The best you will buy is carhartt , check out a company called Dungarees on line, they will post from the USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    The best you will buy is carhartt , check out a company called Dungarees on line, they will post from the USA.
    +1 had a set when I worked in the arctic in Russia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thistledeyke View Post
    +1 had a set when I worked in the arctic in Russia.
    Not Sakhalin by any chance? Spent a year up there! Carhartt's worked well...

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    If you can find a proper army surplus shop you should be able to find some that aren't camo and they will be 15 not 150!

    If its warmth you're after look at the British softie trousers. These are fantastic under your normal overtrousers, they have full length zips so they can be put on without taking boots off etc. Cost about 25 on ebay. The sizes come up quite large, I am 5'9" and 34" waist and have a set of mediums but could have got away with small.

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    Some of the fishing ones are well worth a look . Try musto'mustad'or sunridge just to start live in mine during the winter when chasing cod up the east coast. Lot cheaper than the ones for shooting and better in my opinion .

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    I bought a pair of swedteam ones from swillington, 79 and still available I think. Normally 125, supposedly waterproof and certainly warm, got to be worth a look?
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