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    A decent afternoon yesterday with 3 Fallow in the bag. One mature Doe a young Doe and a nice size Prickett.
    All took at various distances in the last hour of light.
    I could`nt help but notice how happy this prickett looked to see me,lol..

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    hi hunter cant seem to get the video to play,but exellent result

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    Malc will fix it when he gets back.. Only our Johnboy gets kind of confused with modern technology,lol.
    Oh and when you use the spell check on your tool bar to correct mistakes it wipes the post compleatly blank.
    I did do a write up twice but could`nt be arses with a third time

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    Well done Hunter,sounds like you had a good day 8)

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    Here`s the trio with some good old fashioned Oak rib spreader

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