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Thread: Predator hunt bulgaria.

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    Predator hunt bulgaria.

    The area I offer you is situated in north-east Bulgaria, near the towns
    Silistra and Tutracan. Distance from Varna Airport - 150 - 180 km, 2
    hours - 2,5 hours drive.

    The way of hunting would be:
    - in the early morning sitting and calling for jackals and foxes;
    - in the evening (about 16:00 h) sitting and waiting from a high seat
    where there is bait;
    - after the high seat going with a 4WD in the area, calling and
    shooting from the car. 2 shooters in the car - 1 in the right and 1 in
    the left. Using light for the spotting or if you bring some night vision
    optic you can use that as well. You can expect about 10 possibilities
    for shooting per hunter per day on jackals, foxes and other predators.

    The area is type low hilly plain, there are deciduous forests and next
    to them agricultural grounds.

    3 days/ nights hunting
    5 days way.
    1470 if you want us to get your flights, flying from hethrow.

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