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Thread: Largest .270 heads and where from

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    Largest .270 heads and where from

    God afternoon all. I am wondering what the heaviest available .270 heads (or rounds?) are and where I could get them from? Would any reloading shop be able to order them for me? I won't need loads as it's a load I want to use on boar. So if anyone has some they would like to sell please let me know. Thanks. Luke

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    I have at one point or other shot everything fr4om 90 to 180gr through the .270
    anything over 150 is almost impossible to get here unless you are dealing direct with Woodleigh or similar

    150gr is still fairly easy to get hold of.
    last RFD I visted had a range of Nosler, Scierra, Speer and Hornady in 130 and 150gr

    I am a .270 fan and learnt to shoot on one, there will always be one in my cabinet
    having tried all and sundry I now use one load exclusively

    130gr Interlocks over N160

    Higher MV 0-300 than any other heavier load
    Higher Energy 0-300yds than any heavier load
    Flatter trajectory 0-300yds than any heavier load

    the MV drop when using heavier is just too great to give any advantage IMO

    any 130gr doing 3100fps put in the right place will knock a boar off its feet

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    Luke, Sako do a very good 156gr Hammerhead as a factory round. 150gr is about the limit for 270 and I have shot plenty with that, as I have with 130 and 140gr. I wouldn't get too hung up on the weight - 270 is a fine round on boar. You should find 150gr easily available.

    edited to add: agree with Ed on this, as I think you'll see!!
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    I shoot RWS EVO 154gr out of a sako 85, They shoot better than any other factory ammo tried, They are my chosen bullet now for boar and fallow. They give very little meat damage on deer and normally always exit on boar.
    Regards Sean

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    Luke the sako 156g HH is a great bullet and I have used these overseas where they have a (154grain) 10 gram min requirement, however as has been said the 270 will do with 130g everything you will ever need.

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    +1 on the sako 156 hammerheads great round . But as said I have stopped pigs with 130g plenty of time stood and running .

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    I have some Nosler partition 160gn intended for Africa, but the Barnes TTX 130gn killed everything with one shot, do like partitions where Barnes etc are not viable due to possible ricochet issues, had a few of those. deerwarden

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget View Post
    +1 on the sako 156 hammerheads great round . But as said I have stopped pigs with 130g plenty of time stood and running .

    case in point

    weight/BC/V0/V100/V200/V300/E0/E100/E200/E300/ drop50/drop100/d150/d200/d250/d300/MPBR
    270W POWERHEAD 130 0,431 915 842 772 706 3527 2985 2514 2102 0.3 1.9 0 -5.6 -15.2 -29.4 187
    270W HAMMERHEAD 156 0,321 830 738 653 573 3482 2756 2155 2660 1.1 2.8 0 -8.0 -21.6 -41.5 166

    check out the figures for E300 for the 150gr!
    sako data is incorrect (unless the 150gr bullet GAINS 500 joules between 200-300)
    Actual data should read E200=2300.37, E300= 1824.09

    there is nothing there that makes me think the heavier bullet is a better choice
    ASSUMING you use a decent quality, well constructed bullet
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    Luke as Brewsher mentioned Woodleigh are probably going to be the heaviest .270 bullets that you may be able to obtain in this country but even then they will probably be a special order.
    I have seen a couple of advertisements for 180 grn bullets from a Canadian company and also the odd advert for heavy .270 bullets from a specialist American company but obtaining them over here is a No No.
    Speer used to produce a 170 grn RN bullet some years back and I had a box of these that I kept for many years for the day that I would get the chance of using them on boar, but that chance never came when I had a .270 so I used them up. Obtaining the same bullets today would be like seeking the holy grail so probably Woodleigh is your best bet if you are serious about obtaining heavy .270 bullets but they are a bit costly to buy.
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    and if you are thinking 180gr
    check out the realistic velocities:

    270 Winchester
    Woodleigh 270 Win .277” 180gr PP SN #73A

    Powder Type Powder Weight
    ADI AR2213SC/H4831SC 47gr 2360
    50.5gr 2500
    ADI AR2217/H1000 50gr 2405
    54gr 2540

    ME- 2305
    E100 - 2002
    E200 - 1733 (note: only just deer legal!)
    E300 - 1493

    MV - 2400
    V100 - 2238
    V200 - 2082
    v300 - 1933

    trajectory -
    0 = +1.5"
    100 = +3"
    200 = 0"
    250 = -5"
    300 = -11"

    by contrast the 270WSM can push them at 2700
    one of the few advantages of the shorter case

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