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Thread: And then there were 48

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    And then there were 48

    After defra said there was 50 boar in the forest of dean, we had another two so now theres 48, two less for the forestry boys to make money out of

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    Steady on Apollo! Before you know it they will be an endangered species!

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    thats being greedy that apollo
    how are they ever going to spread north to my grounds
    nice one , better in your freezer than theirs

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    SWEEEET!! did you have to pay to hunt them or were they just on your stalking lands? not sure how its worked across the water??! i bet they taste very good

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    Hi Apollo
    Save some for me mate I'm over your way saturday!
    At that rate you will of shot them all out!

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    Boys dont worry there are loads there and they are to settled to be ousted , the F.C will be selling the stalking of them in the forest of dean soon i would imagine.... eddie.

    Beowulf where are you going on saturday..

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    probably at knock down prices .like they do with the deer

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    Hi Apollo,
    I don't know, Gerry hasn't told me! I'm really looking forward to it though!

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    Gerry shoots some great ground much more boar than we have, you will have a night to remember, take a camera and enjoy....

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    hope you have a great time mr b.oink oink.look forward to the photos

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