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Thread: Late season does

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    Late season does

    An enjoyable stalk this morning ended with a fine healthy roe doe but left me feeling like a total t**t and annoyed with myself for not completing the cull earlier on the farm I was on.
    After 20 years of stalking I dont think I will ever get used to finding well developed feotus, and as deer stalkers we tend to hold our quarry with high regard so I guess the feelings of guilt are natural.
    But even so im not going to leave it this late in future, and will get my arse into gear earlier and make sure the pheasants dont get in the way of completing the cull.


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    Was out this morning trying to connect with some does we've been struggling with at last light. Managed one, but just couldn't get a bead on another with a decent backstop.

    Funny isn't matter how many times we do it when we slip our hands inside for the gralloch and find a well-developed foetus it feels awful. I suppose it's a sign that we care for the deer beyond the sport or culling considerations and that is good, but it still gives you that slightly sickly feeling.

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    All of the does/hinds I have shot since Xmas have had discernable foetus. Occupational hazard if you dont like taking does too early for the sake of their youngsters. Largest roe foetus was on friday and must have been 8" long. It is what it is but I must say I have now reviewed the idea of shooting does into March unless absolutely necessary.

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