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Thread: early winter coming.

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    early winter coming.

    Hi, realised today it's late august, the leaves on the ash, birch and some oaks are already starting to turn colour. Had my log burner n the last four days. Seeing plenty of long tail tits. Two of my wellsummers are moltting. My grass is slowing up.
    The volume of damsons and slows are endless around me and not as bitter. Bracken and other vegetation is dying back.
    In my diary this seems nearly four weeks earlier this year.

    Any one else feel a early winter coming in.
    I don't mind winter as long as it's not a wet one. Time to get the freezers stocked up, firewood stacked. I do love winter my favorite season. Soon I'll be popping down to my local nature reserve watching the rut.
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    the old trumpers at work are doom n glooming a badddd winter this year.various old wives tales making em forecast show ic e n dooom

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    Yes, I agree. We were in Arran a couple of weeks ago & leaves were starting to come off some of the trees & where-ever I walk just now in East Lothian & the Borders I see vegetation die-back. I'm sure I've started the pheasant season before wishing for this much thinning of the cover.

    6:30 update. Just been out with the dogs & there's a decent frost!
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    I absolutely refuse to have the heating on before at least October, but it's already decidedly cold first thing in the morning when I get up to sort the dog out. I don't mind a cold winter as long as it doesn't just rain constantly, I find it so depressing!
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    Leaves are turning here also, even on our grapevine... But, yesterday on a pasture there were some spring flowers (crocus) blooming..... And a bird has been using a nest that only gets used in spring..... Haven't turned on the heater loop yet, but tempted to build a fire in the evenings....

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    Yes a touch of frost the last few mornings, leaves on the birch trees on the higher ground are already gold,, ripe fruit on the Rowan's , bracken is now multi coloured,green,gold ,red, on the lower ground the beech trees are starting to colour, yesterday I saw scarlet leaves on a horse chestnut.

    Over the summer I have been watching a parch of snow get smaller and smaller on the hillside, finally disappeared
    completely last week, believe they have already had a dusting of snow on the hills in some places, so the year is certainly on the turn.

    However I don't believe any of this ensures the certainty of a hard winter, though it has not been the case for some years frosts in August and September used to be the norm, September in particular true Indian summers cold nights, frost crystals glittering in the early morning sunlight, followed by glorious warm days, superb bring it on

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    Boggy I remember many a time sitting at my small duck pond with decoys getting stuck in a skin of thin ice in early September. That has not happened for many year but might just happen again this year.This will get the reds moving about and there antlers should be getting a good rubbing just now.Hard winter you English lads dont know what one is lol.

    An English chap realising you just got to get out there this was week nine of a 3.5 month freeze over.

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    Cold weather doesn't bother me. Brought up as a ground worker. Shows who is man and not.
    Two years ago sat in boar seat with solway minus -9 sitting motionless for 7 hours. Soon became warm when we heard them coming.
    The fallow and reds are looking good. If I get a good east wind AMD a good frost I can hear the reds rutting from my home

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    I am just waiting for my wife to starting moaning about the heating needing to go on....I will resist as long as possible as usual asking why aren't
    you just using one of the many throws that just seem to appear out of nowhere on our sofas to keep warm, while still mooching about in
    shorts and a t shirt yet accepting my position as a definite Southern Softie !!!

    Last year I counted a total of four morning frosts in the whole of the winter....I guess we are owed !

    Cheers & ATVB

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?

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    I thought this was a "Game of Thrones" thread.

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