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    I caught the tail of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green in Mongolia last night. It looks an interesting country, and a quick search on google indicates that there is no shortage of quarry species including ibex, elk and Siberian roe. Has anybody got personal experience of hunting or even just visiting Mongolia?

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    That sounds interesting - please let me know if you get any information.

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    There is German outfitter that hunts there best to google them , however given they are predominantly Bhuddists with the most beautiful and breathtaking land you will ever see i think some places are just not for hunting with our methods or mindset, there are huge areas of national park and what little i saw of the country was spectacular, however should you wish to hunt foxes with eagles in a traditional way with the locals and endure the hardship that goes with it why not, hospitality from the locals is wonderful, buttery tea at every opportunity, peaceful and very remote..a beautiful untouched wilderness.

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    No, but it certainly looks very differnt and a great destination to hunt in. The list of species certainly does look impressive :-

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    I think Diana does hunts in the region, maybe not Mongolia but adjacent countries, and I think there's a Hunter's DVD on the subject, as others have said there's Asian Elk, Maral (Asian wapiti), Ibex, Siberian Roe and I think some sheep species including Argali/Marco Polo. There's also plenty of stuff on You Tube.

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