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Thread: Keyboard problems?

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    Keyboard problems?

    Nice new site and obiously a work in progress. Couple of snags I have found...

    The left, right, up & down arrow keys dont work for me and whenever I try and insert an apostrophe the quick links box opens up bottom left. I see that English US is the only language available - is it having a problem recognising keystrokes on an English UK keyboard?

    It seems that I cant delete individual messages from my PM list except by opening up each one and deleting it individually. Is there a way I can simply highlight the messages I want to delete and do them all en-masse?

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    The arrow key problem, is this whilst typing a post? Or just moving a page up/down? Also what browser?

    I can't seem to duplicate the problem at all

    With regard to deleting PM's, in the main list of message you tick the tick boxes on the far right against each message, then press the "Selected Messages" button at the bottom then click Delete.

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    Thanks for that.

    The arrow key thing is while typing a post - e.g. when I spot an error I cant use the arrow keys to get back to it, I have to use the mouse to reposition the cursor - also when I make the correction I hit End to get me back to the end of the text but the screen jumps to the bottom of the page.

    I am using Firefox.

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    Don't know what you did but I can get apostrophes in and also navigate my text using the up, down, left and right keys. TVM!

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