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Thread: compressor advice ?

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    compressor advice ?

    I'm going to buy a compressor for my garage. It will only be used for blowing up tyres, blowing dirt of things and a bit of painting etc
    It will only be for light work and used occasionally
    Has anyone any recommendations for a decent home use compressor ?
    I dont want to spend a fortune, i saw a couple on screwfix and amazon for around 100-120, they have decent reviews, or do I wait out until lidl have them for sale ?

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    ingersol rand eco air or similar, not that dear and last a long time, just one piece of advice with any compressor you decide on always switch the machine off at the pressure off switch just turning off at the plug puts huge load on the motor and will **** very quickly, atb wayne
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    Got one from screwfix for under 100. Does exactly what it says on the box very handy.

    Don’t always have a flat tyre near the workshop so just pick it up and of you go

    give it some use in the first twelve months if it breaks take it back.
    Stanley 8216035SCR011 24Ltr Compressor with 5 Piece Accessory Kit 240V | Compressors |

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    Had one of these for about 15 years...

    Still going strong although don't run it down a long extension lead as it doesn't like firing up cold!
    Top tip on turning on and off with the proper "relief" switch.

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    How many tyres, how quick do you want to fill them and what kind of painting?
    compressors are distinguished by tank size and pressure/cfm rating.
    Air tools tend to use higher cfm (cubic feet per minute)

    any decent small to medium tank will do for tyres, just check psi limits
    modern hvlp (high volume low pressure) paint guns will run on low cfm and are cheap now

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    Thanks guys,
    Do i go for an oil free motor or not ?
    And what would be a reasonable cfm to go for ?
    As i said it will be light use, the checking tyre pressure and topping up and painting the odd fence panel now and again
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    This is the one Aldi sell from time to time. They are supposedly Wolf but renamed

    Decent compressor for the money as much power as you are going to get on a machine of this size at 2.5hp and air displacement of 270l/min, 9.5CFM. 8 bar working pressure is as much as most people will need

    Great warranty on this machine of 3 years, says suitable for DIY and light trade I think it is an oiled compressor so should be more durable than the oil free ones you usually see around this price range (but don't quote me on that you should check in store if its oiled or not)

    Also quite a few of air tools on sale on the same day will list them under the manufactures description

    Air Compressor with easy-start motor and rubber feet for reduced vibration. Suitable for DIY and light trade. Lightweight and portable. Tank complies with latest EU regulation standards.

    Voltage: 230V/50Hz
    Maximum pressure: 8 bar
    Air displacement: 270l/min, 9.5CFM
    24 litre tank
    Power: 1.8KW
    Speed: 2850rpm
    Weight: approx. 30kg

    Air Nail Gun 19. 99 each

    3" Air Cut Off Tool 8. 99 each

    Air Impact Wrench and Kit 19. 99 each

    Air Filter Regulator and Lubricator 19. 99 each

    Air Compressor Accessories Kit 19. 99 per set

    Compressor Oil 3. 99 1 litre

    Air Shear 16.99 each

    Spot Blaster Kit 9. 99 each

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    Elmer thanks for that, however no Aldi in N.ireland, but I think the lidl compressor is the same

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    had the aldi 1 with all those tools for 12 years now no problems at is the wolf one and they are online and deliver atb

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