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Thread: T3 magazine and Howa conversion

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    T3 magazine and Howa conversion

    Clearing out magazines for rifles that I no longer have:

    Howa magazine conversion and 10 round magazine in 223/204. 55 posted

    Tikka T3 magazine, standard 3 round in 243/308 (medium) 30 posted or would swap for one in 223
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    Hi Yorkshire,

    Can I have the T3 magazine please

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    Would you sell the conversion kit on its own without the magazine, as I want a 5 shot not a 10 shot?

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    HI yorkshire if you split for catchuo ill take 223 howa mag. Pm'd you,

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    T3 magazine sold to Highbird70

    and I would rather not split the howa conversion

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    Why wont you split it as I will buy the conversion kit and lambchop will buy the magazine?

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