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Thread: stunning munty

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    stunning munty

    ello all

    had another fantastic few days hunting ..
    first of was a walk out over a few fields that i though was going to be cut ....but on arrival i could see straight away the wheat was still standing . i persevered and had a walk but it was all way to long .. a few roe doe with young where about but nothing more to see..

    i decided to move over the road to the grass fields to sit till dark as i didn't take the lamp . i sat with a good view over the green and called for 20 minuets i then spotted movement at the far end fox i dropped down looked in the scope and bonus it was a munty i gave a quick bark he stood proud and down he went..

    what a magnificent deer not a hair out of place a lovely strong fit healthy buck...

    here he is now in my diy home chiller it works a treat and such a help ..

    i also had a nice trip on the foxes.. number one was a quick shot really.. walked into the field gave a shine nothing put a few calls out flashed the lamp and he was already there 40 yards out a fast shot and he was in the bag

    second of the night was very similar god knows where he appeared from but after a couple of calls he was charging in another shout stopped him in his tracks and a rather nasty head shot was taken thats his good side

    many thanks andy

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    Good looking specimen. What did it weigh in at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    Good looking specimen. What did it weigh in at?

    not sure i don't tend to weigh them its more skin it scoff it lol lol.. he was a fair size and in perfect condition..

    many thanks

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    It looks a cracker, the chiller isn't bad either!

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