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Thread: Humane Animal Dispatch Hertfordshire

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    Humane Animal Dispatch Hertfordshire

    Hi Guys, I have been approached by a large animal based sector group in Hertfordshire to attend animal RTA's, this would be a FREE 24 hour service for humane animal dispatch . If there are any chaps experienced and willing to come forward and be prepared to assist please contact myself for further information....

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    youve been asked to provide 24 hour cover for free ? bit cheeky that

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    Who is the large animal based sector group?

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    mm 3rd party liability,fuel costs ,ammo costs.irate damaged car owners having a go at u sounds like a minefield

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    who is the animal based sector I already do it for the police and the National trust

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    How does one register for doing Humane Dispatch, and I didn't know there was a class for it. Is there a certification or do you just register with, as bwana is, the local police and National Trust?

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