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Thread: Tips for new kennel and run

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    Tips for new kennel and run

    I have always shared a dog with a mate who keeps them at his house but i,m about to get my own dog who will stay with me kenneled outside
    Any tips ,, do,s or donts or ideas for a nice comfy home for him

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    Make sure the kennel is weather tight & draught proof, may be insulated and the run is on concrete or slabs not mud. I've got lights & power in mine for heating if required. There are some good off the shelf units available but not difficult for a man of your many tallents to build one.

    Cheers Pete

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    Carronbridge sawmill nr thornhill look like they do something that would suit yr needs colin
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    Just the kinda thing i was thinking of Doug , works a wee bit quiet next week i might try build something similar , do you reckon 6ft x 6ft is a big enough run

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I reckon 8 x 4 would be about the minimum. I bought this 8x4 for 345 delivered and fitted. I laid the paving blocks myself. I didn't use concrete as I may move it at a later date.
    Wind proof, waterproof, totally covered and the sleeping part has a wooden floor to keep the dog warmer.
    hope this helps

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    Also think about future proofing. Any change that one dog might become two etc? Making things twice as big doesn't usually cost twice as much or take twice as long. A smaller raised bed and bigger run would be my choice.

    It does depend how much time the dog is spending in there, what kind of dog etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Just the kinda thing i was thinking of Doug , works a wee bit quiet next week i might try build something similar , do you reckon 6ft x 6ft is a big enough run
    My runs are small 6x4 and for one dog but then they have access straight to fields and your dog is likely to be out with you more than most .the sleeping box need not be too large just easy to clean out and insulated .site so it gets some sun and some shade during the day .
    yours doug

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    Hi SS Having kept kennels for many years I have encountered the problems, some errors that I have made etc.

    I would always make sure the kennel/ run were not in the shade for most of the day, snow, cold weather etc play an important part when a dog has limited run space and cannot exercise sufficiently to keep warm when exposed to the elements. Conversely during the summer shade is important so a happy medium is best. Some shade for part of the day.

    A roof over the run makes it more comfortable and the dog can stay out more, good vision from the run is also important so the dog can be part of what's going on, hours of seeing nothing of interest will take its toll and make for an unhappy and lonely animal.

    A raised bed, out of the draught will help get it up off the damp floor and pay dividends in later years when arthritis strikes.

    I have always kept two dogs kennelled side by side and in together during the day, they play and keep each other company, they also exercise harder by chasing and playing together, it doesn't cost too much more.

    hope some of this is of use,

    ATB WB

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    I've got my dogs sleeping area made from eco boards Col which is a recycled plastic, so doesn't rot like a timber one would. I also have hinged lids on the sleeping boxes which aid with cleaning out etc.
    Hope its made better than your first go at the garden path fence atb Gaz

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    Ha , that was after a night in town with Paul Dillon , its a wonder the posts were in point first

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