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Thread: 12 bore cartridges herefordshire

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    12 bore cartridges herefordshire

    I have 8 brand new boxes of game bore super game 30g 5's 65mm case need to swap for min 70mm or 3' mag. Mine won't cycle in my Hatsan. Looking for similar shot size, 5 or 6. Will travel within reason. Cheers

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    Not really what you are looking for, but I'd check your Hatsan for blame rather than the carts. Is it 3" or 3.5"?

    I have one, and it gets used for everything from 21g clay loads and 40+g heavy loads and cycles everything flawlessly - as long as it is clean.

    I don't clean it as much as my OU or SBS, but if it gets dirty on the gas parts it will stop cycling the third round to start, then eventually won't cycle at all. Back to clean and it works fine again.

    You shouldn't have any issue with 30g 65mm in it though, whether its a 3" or 3.5". Odd.

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    Joe, tend to agree to look to the gun as the cartridges should cycle fine. I think I use those through mine. Drop me a PM and maybe we can meet up and see if we can't sort the problem. Happy to buy those cartridges off you if they're still not working for you.
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    I agree like above the 65mm cycle in my Hatsan ok.
    like suggested I would have the gun checked.

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    if my memory serves me correctly if you have striped the gun and put back a easy to put back wrong way round part the gun will not recycle cartridges properly hope this makes sense.

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