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    Talking Another double

    Well after last years debacle where I only shot 1 deer, though it was my first, I appear to be on a roll so far with 5 already this year.

    Today started at 4am as I'd had an invite to shoot near Carlisle with a mate. We arrived at 7am still a bit bleary eyed and I went through the usuall routine of going through my pockets, loading the rifle, thinking I'm sure I've forgotten something and then realising yes I've forgotten my sticks again!

    I set off slowly along the edge of the wood and within 10mins there's a flash of white off to my right, Ive spooked one already, but at least I've seen one. I work my way along even more cautiously this time, over a fence through the dry crunchy cover crop and over a gate heading down towards the brook flowing through the bottom of the wood. Heading down along the fence line I cant help but wince with every step as the Beech Masts and frost crackles under foot, no chance of getting anything at this rate. Maybe I should find a bit of high ground and stay put?
    I pause and glass the wood ahead, nothing, what's that mound? Nah cant be! Up with the bino's again and I'm still not sure! Until a head pops up that is! About 50yds ahead a young Doe couched, now if only I had my sticks! I move to a bit of a mound with a stump on it, lie down look through the scope and realise I'm now too low to take a shot due to a fallen tree in the way partially covering it's body. The pressure is really on now, I place the crosshairs on the stripe down the back off it's neck as it has it's back to me and I know this gun now groups about 1 1/2 at 100yds but this is a live target, lots to go wrong. It felt as though I'd been watching for ages when I felt myself squeeze the trigger almost subconciously and with a moderated bang she's gone.
    I reload just incase! After 30seconds or so I sit up and compose myself I decide to give her a few minutes.
    It was at this point that the mother appeared! I lie down again and get her in my sights, she's sniffing and walking left to right and back again, all the time her head bobbing side to side and her body again covered by the fallen tree. I catch broadside glimpses through the branches but she never stays still for long enough to get a shot. She then walks off to the fence line and turns her back to me, still looking towards her young one and then she turns and steps forward, I shoot her broadside on and she just stands there! I reload and she sets off walking, directly towards me! I'm not expecting this at all and panic is on it's way, surely I've not messed it up at this range. She comes closer, I'm prone and she walks off to my left then spots me, I can see the exit wound and the blood running out. She sets off a bit faster and now in my mind she's going to run for it up the hill and away, I sit up, swing around and at the first opportunity I neck shoot her, putting her down not 15yds away from me.
    Now I can sit and take stock of what's just happened. I get my phone out of my pocket and go to phone my mate who's also just got one. Then the adrenalin takes control and I can barely work the phone never mind hold it still Thank god it didn't kick in sooner as shooting would've been impossible. My mate tells me to gralloch them and carry on down the path. I left it 10 mins as I didn't want to cut my fingers off with all the shaking I was doing!
    I spotted another 4 on the path but some shot's weren't safe and somehow the deer just knew something was up!

    This is where she was laid up, note the shakey cam.


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    Well done Mick,
    You stopped shaking yet??
    First of many doubles i expect "Deer as well as drams"

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    Yeah, a nice outing there Mick, the phone cam is ok, enough detail to see what went on!, p.s, how do you do the red highlight bit?

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    Good stuff Mick,
    Did you sort out the car problems from last Time,


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    I must admit Moe I did have a wee dram when I got in, then fell asleep! I was probably twitching and woofing like the dog does when he's had a day out

    To get the red circle Finny, I right clicked on the photo on my desktop and opened it with Paint, drew the circle then saved it before posting it in photobucket. I think you can edit them in Photobucket but it seems to take ages.

    And as for the car Smithy the police are a complete waste of time with these things. We got a letter saying the incident had been "investigated" and no further action could be taken unless some evidence came to light. Fair enough.
    Trouble is I had my windscreen smashed 2 weeks earlier in a completely unrelated incident and place. We got the same letter a few days later. I was also told on the same day that the police had arrested and released someone on the same evening for crowbarring someone elses car door a few doors down. Turns out the owners knew him, he apologised and was released but they didn't think to connect the two incidents and arrest him for the damage to our car
    Rant over(Though I could go on!)


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    Thanks Mick, I think I may be about to give life to at least a couple more Gremlins with that bit of info

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    One could tell you were still a bit jittery with your voice when i spoke to you on phone

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    Well Mick,

    I take it they were not on Charlies ground?

    You are certainly getting stuck into them this year, I shall expect that "mighty hound" to be after them all season long this year


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    Hi John! 7 hrs is a long drive for a mornings stalking so definately not up your neck of the woods
    Who in their right mind wants to go dragging those big reds and sika about anyway?
    Actually saw a few good bucks on there last year so might have a go when the time comes....Oh wait a minute, midges! Nah you can keep em


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