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Thread: Thursday 28/8/14, (part 1) park red stags, Rowler manor estate

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    Thursday 28/8/14, (part 1) park red stags, Rowler manor estate

    Hi Chaps

    so this thursday came, and me and a friend of mine had arranged a boys day trip out.

    we started the day at rowler manor estate (what a place) to shoot a park red stag each , now i releaise this is not everyone cup of tea, but we decided to shoot a park animal in the day and go wild in the evening at a different venue (story to follow/part 2).

    the two stags we were to shoot were not big big boys , but a deal was done.

    now onto the estate we were met by lee the deer keeper and what a lovely down to earth guy he is, we had a cuppa and had a chat and headed off into the park OMG what a place there is deer everywhere and some world class animals too.

    to cut a long story short me and my friend both shot a stag with a deer keeper who knew his stuff and was a plesure to deal with and did us a cracking deal also.

    so if your looking for park animals i would give lee a ring at Rowler manor estate , thanks lee for a cracking day i will remember for ever

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    well done to you both .. i like to see something for my money so i have no problems going to parks...

    stunning beasts

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    Something different for most people but fairly similar to when we have to deal with marauding beasts in the Spring and Summer. Really nice to see that mature stag lying down in the first clip. Congrats to both of you and good shooting.


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