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Thread: Thursday 28/8/14 (part2) cornbury park estate pm outing

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    Thursday 28/8/14 (part2) cornbury park estate pm outing

    Hi Guys

    following on from part 1

    for the pm outing we had booked to go to cornbury park estate, we met tom the deer keeper at 5pm , we had a quick cuppa and he kindly took us for a tour round the deer park which was very nice indeed.

    then we returned to pick up your guns and head off to our highseats to try our luck on the wild deer for the evening, tom was to sit with my friend and i was to sit alone.

    on the menu was any fallow buck and younger sika stags/prickets

    as we where heading towards the field tom and lee would be sitting overlooking we spotted 3 sika stags lying in a dip in the field, i made my way to my highseat in the other direction.

    i had only been in my highseat about 10 mins when i heard the boom off a 270 go off, the jammy beggers had only managed to climb into the highseat (only 120 yards from the deer) and shoot the younger one of the three.
    as it turns out my mate did a cracking h/l shot but the stag ran into cover and he dispatched it with a quick follow up shot.

    sika do not know the word die

    my mate was over the moon as that was only his 4th deer and 2 of them he had taken today .

    from my highseat i saw deer everywhere but unfortnatly not on the menu, at one point i had a roe buck a munty and a fallow doe all within shooting range of the seat at once it was magical , like something out of a movie i have never seen so many wild deer in one outing they where bloody everywhere it just didnt fall right for the right animal thats all, but i wasnt bothered in the slightest as i was very busy watching all the deer .

    so guys if your looking for stalking at a place thats humping with deer with a down to earth/ nice stalker, at very resonable cost i would contact tom at cornbury park estate

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    cant see pic for some reason ...

    well done again.. i have been out with tom and hes a really nice chap.. will hopefully be going back this year...

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    I used to stalk at Cornbury before Tom was there. A fantastic place with a lot of very special memories for me there. Just the odd muntie about there Hawks nest in the fallow rut is superb.
    Regards Sean

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