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Thread: Sako 75 .223 sporter

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    Sako 75 .223 sporter

    I have been able to purchase a Sako 75 in .223 cal, the gun looks great but accuracy is not what it should be. I was aware of this however after a couple of misses whilst out shooting I've lost my confidence in the weapon. A local gunsmith, Neil McKillop has had a good look over it and it appears that although the gun looks mint on the outside due to neglect in cleaning, the barrel is pitted. He stated it's not terminal but the markings will not be helping the accuracy. As the gun does not owe me a great deal I am thinking of a re barrel however Neil does not have a barrel in stock and has not got any coming in anytime soon. He's been waiting several months for the last batch to arrive.

    I am now thinking of looking for a decent barrel that has been removed from a weapon where the owner has gone for a calibre change! Neil stated that a .222 could be re chambered as long as it's the right profile.

    I could possibly go for a a different calibre but that means going through the hassle of a variation again but my my local force is well behind and painfully slow in getting these completed in a satisfactory time scale.

    Cost is is another factor but as the gun was bought for a decent price then thinking I should wait and save up! That would however be a pain as just been granted permission to shoot foxes on an new permission and would like to get started on them.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on any of the above?



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    Riflecraft used to take numerous stocks and barrels off when producing their semi-custom rifles and they sometimes advertised them for sale. They were mainly Remington 700s but they did use other makes too. Worth a phone call.

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    I've just dropped them an email so fingers crossed!



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    Contact ziggy off here hes rebarrel ing a 223 that's nearly new
    barrel has done nothing
    regards pete

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    Where in the barrel is the pitting? -- If it is just at the muzzle it may be worth shortening it & re-crowning it.
    I have a 223 that's got a horrible looking bore - mostly near the breech where the rifling is well eroded & crazed too - but it still shoots well under an inch at 100yds & is competetive at longer ranges.
    I keep thinking I'll get it re-barelled but whilst it still shoots reasonably well, I can't really justify it.

    Also are you shooting the right weight bullets for the barrel twist through yours?


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    There should be barrels available via lothar walther, benchmark, Bergara and truflite. Armalon may also be worth trying. Border currently seem to be a dead loss unfortunately. There were some barrel blanks for sale on UKV.

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    I will contact ziggy regards his barrel, and in regards the where about of the pitting, unfortunately it's near the breach as well as the muzzle. Barrel already been shortened so that not an option.

    Thanks for the help so far.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    Contact ziggy off here hes rebarrel ing a 223 that's nearly new
    barrel has done nothing
    regards pete
    Don't tell me Ziggy's envious of your Tac20 and has to have one.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    In regards to bullet weight, I've been using 55grn but have managed to get hold of some 62 grn which I will try when Neil has re crowned the barrel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Don't tell me Ziggy's envious of your Tac20 and has to have one.
    no he's having a custom barrel in 223
    Regards pete

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